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Will Hare Barista Logo

Personal Barista Logo

Will Hare Barista Logo Concepts

Digital evolution of personal barista logo concept.

Will Hare Barista Logo Sketches

Initial sketches exploring the use of my initials to create a scene of "me" operating a level espresso machine.

Personal Barista Logo

Identity Design

About this project

Every weekend, I put on my barista game face and spend time putting my passion to work as a coffee professional! I wanted to create a logo that represented my barista career while playing on my current personal design logo.

It's a constant work in progress, but once I recognized that the second open counter in the W letterform reminded me of the shape of so many pourover carafes and their filters, the concept hit me. The V shape was perfect to tell a simple story of brewing coffee via pourover. The final version attempted to create a balance of simple, abstracted concepts, while staying literal enough to tell a clear story.

I originally envisioned creating a scene from my initials of a figure pulling a shot of espresso on a lever machine, but it seemed too complicated and not as scalable. It felt like a concept that would be better as an illustration instead of a logo.

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