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Café Bijoux Logo

Logo for Café Bijoux

Café Bijoux

Café Bijoux logo engraved on The New Levy tamper and BT Distribution Tool by Saint Anthony Industries

Café Bijoux Logo - Inverted

Café Bijoux logo, inverted

Bijoux, Cappuccino, and Tamper

Bijoux oversees all of my pours at Café Bijoux…

Café Bijoux Logo

Identity Design

About this project

Café Bijoux is our home coffee bar, where I cut my chops until I was good enough to actually work bar on the weekends. Maybe someday it'll turn into a coffee cart. Maybe a brick-and-mortar shop where I can serve up cortados and design away. Until that day comes, Café Bijoux will exist in a Boston apartment, and this is our identity.

This particular logo was developed as something to have engraved on the tamper and distribution tools that I wanted from Saint Anthony Industries. It's a simple ode to a few of my favorite things in life: our dog, Bijoux, and coffee. 

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