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Developed a logo for, a voice commerce startup that aims to provide businesses of all sizes the ability to interact with their customers using voice-enabled devices. 

A lot of initial concepts were based on audio waveforms in speech bubbles, but I felt like that lacked the focus on the most important things. Not just audio or conversation, but a focus on two-sided conversations. Showing that we want customers and businesses to interact with each other using more than just the robotic, impersonal sound wave. 


Since the focus was on commerce, the idea of using a box or package worked to represent the business side of the conversation. The speech bubble inside represents the voice of the customer. The softer, round speech bubble was created to soften the hard visual edges, provide a sense of a conversation focused on a specific item or task, and create the counter in the O in so we could develop a word mark that also had a recognizable icon.

We wanted colors that were fairly neutral to appeal to business owners of all types. Nothing too playful or too serious. A color that could soften the seriousness of the more rigid letterforms.

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