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Yorklyn Construction Logo Design

Final Handoff Version

Yorklyn Construction Logo Design

Final Logo Progression Sketches

Yorklyn Construction

Identity Design

About this project

The new owner of an established construction company reached out to develop a new, consistent identity for his company. There were a handful of logos from the business' 45-year history representing the company on equipment and advertising, creating an inconsistent identity, so I sought out a way to create a logo that was interesting, represented the business, and still held respect to the history of the business.

I started with a ton of sketches, which evolved from a nod to classic hand-lettered logos that would hint at the past to the final logo, which still carried some of that style.

Ultimately, the logo evolved from free flowing lettering to more clean, structured style. I felt like the business needed a logo that represented the precision and clean lines of the company's work/client expectations.

The roof came and went, as I debated how literal I wanted the logo to feel, but I wanted the logo to really represent their primary target, which was home renovations, so the roof made the cut. The more squared off base creating a solid foundation to again hint at Yorklyn's sturdy construction work.

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