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Murphy Technology Group Logo Design

Final Logo

Murphy Technology Group Logo Design

Final - Stacked

Murphy Technology Group

Identity Design

About this project

Finding logo solutions for tech companies is never easy in such a saturated market, so when Murphy Technology Group came calling, I knew it would be a nice challenge.

After numerous concepts that focused on more clichéd tech metaphors, we ended up using a four-leaf clover that worked in the positive emotions of luck and a nice nod to the Irish name of the company. The clover design was used as the focal point, growing out of the name.


I reduced how literal the clover leaves look in order abstract the object and allow for other ideas to come through. One of the ideas was the cloud concept. I also purposely rotated the clover in a way in which it could represent a window. A lens that the company was always looking through to stay on top of the latest trends.

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