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Responsive design that explains how much time the authentication process takes and what is accomplished at each interval. Overview Illustration

Simplified illustrations, highlighting the elements that are scanned during the authentication process. Authentication Step

Snippet of content layout and illustrations for a single section of the overview, adding the face-matching capability.

Product Overview Page for

Page Design, Illustration, Responsive Layout, HTML/CSS


The Request

Design and illustrate an overview page that would demonstrate the how much of a end users' time would be required to accomplish different levels of authentication.

  • Opted for illustrations instead of "real" mockups to maintain an ID-agnostic tone.

  • Pulled from my library of previous illustrations and developed new illustrations to add a sense of a human interaction with the process. Used gray tones to neutralize secondary elements and Confirm's blue to bring forward any content that would be scanned and processed for authentication.

  • Despite using a CMS tool to build the page, I needed to code a decent amount of CSS/HTML in order to handle the responsive layout, scaling imagery, and make sure the content stacked in our preferred order.

*Please note that has been acquired, so the site has been taken down.

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