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Storyboard crops of authentication animation. Animation Thumbnail

Fully-loaded still from authentication animation.

Authentication Animation for


The Request

Create an animation that demonstrates the concept of computer learning in regards to customer authentication that could be used in presentations and on the company website.

  • Used Confirm's blue to highlight scanned data that was then passed through the Confirm logo. The logo was a visual representation of the "brain" or "computer" that was being trained.

  • By using this idea and cycling through various forms of identification, I was able to show how each additional form of identification sent new information through the Confirm, which would continue to improve accuracy.

  • I let the animation continuously loop to represent the constant learning that the system would be doing. Once an identity was fully authenticated, everything animated into the Confirm logo to show how everything is stored, while also smoothly transitioning through the end and starting points of the animation.

*Please note that has been acquired, so the site has been taken down. You can view the animation below.

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